Basic Tips to Care for the Elderly

Basic Tips to Care for the Elderly

As they age, the needs and habits of our loved ones also change with time. You can help them experience life to the fullest, even with limitations. This blog will not only provide some basic tips but also introduce two lifestyle game changers that can add a healthy dose of fun and comfort. 

Want to know what they are? 

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Their Safety Comes First

Your top priority? 

Promoting a safe environment for the elderly. Provide the entire house with extra lighting, especially in those places that are likely to be dark, such as corners or hallways. Put up grab bars across showers and beside toilets, and use non-slippery mats for the bathtub and floors.

The Power of Physical Activity

Active lifestyle is crucial for the elderly. 

Doing exercises regularly will help strengthen muscles. Encourage jogging, add Yoga routines, as well as easy static stretches. But for strolling or any outdoor activity, make sure you have the right solution. Such as tada chairs–the foldable cane seat will be their go-to friend. 

Many seniors, once active, face limitations. Your parents love to work in a garden but find difficulty in standing up and down. Or they are great runners but can’t do it anymore at the same level of energy, and they may restrict themselves; they prefer hiking, but they take breaks because their legs give up easily. There are endless situations…

There comes the Tada chair ready to make their life go ta da! Here are the top features to have a peak.

  • Instant Set-Up: This feature is essential in hiking when time is critical. Its three-panel seat adjusts to your body, and the comfy backrest lets you soak in the breathtaking panorama with tired legs happily tucked away. 
  • Robust Structure: Made from an aluminium alloy, the chair ensures durability without sacrificing weight. Fastened by a reinforced stainless steel rim and safety clip, the seat is strong, safe, and allows up to 136 kg.
  • Ergonomic in Nature: This ta-da chair series 2 possesses a seating height above the floor, eliminating extra bending to support your posture and ensuring a smooth transition from sitting to standing with a click and two fingers.
  • No-Sag Solid Seat: Unlike the usual foldable camping chairs, the ta-da chair boasts a solid-textured seat with firm support. 
  • Lightweight Durability: Under 1kg, Ta-Da Chair Series 2 simply stands for lightweight durability.
  • Dual-Purpose Design: The chair doubles as a walking stick, providing extra comfort. It occupies little room in your backpack, providing stable support and a seat without sacrificing storage.

No more lugging bulky chairs or searching for benches. Rest whenever they need to, right on the spot. The Ta-Da chair seamlessly transforms from a cane to a comfortable seat. Its levelling mechanism helps preserve back and leg strength, allowing users to enjoy their activities with greater ease. Available in various colours, this travel-friendly chair adapts to any situation.

Fueling the Body: A Balanced Diet

Gradually, throughout adult life, their diet too needs to change. Give preference to the balanced diet with mixed vegetables, fruits, wheat and cereals and lean protein. Ensure adequate levels of hydration. The availability of food delivery services and the assistance of a caregiver help a lot with cooking if your loved one is unable to prepare a meal.

Social Connection

Social involvement is, indeed, an important ingredient for basic mental and emotional health. Ask the elderly people to retain the connection with their loved ones. Visit them more often than usual. Prioritise it. Make use of senior centres or social clubs that cater to their interest. In the end, it’s more about how much effort you are putting into communicating with them every single!

Help them Click Digitally

Come on! 

Help them embrace the changing times. It’s you who can make it possible. Technology can be a powerful tool for seniors. Tablets or smartphones can be used for video calls, games, or even online courses if they want to become a jack of all trades.  Explore voice-activated assistants for hands-free control of lights, thermostats, or even music, making scrolling a breeze for them.

Electric Wheelchairs

A true gamechanger, indeed.

It is a crucial aid to seniors to deal with mobility issues, it is a life-saving device. They provide this sort of space with freedom, independence, and the added benefit of being in their surroundings. There are electric wheelchairs that vary in models, offering such elements as adjustable seats, joystick controls, and commuter mobility types for simple folding and storage. 

Let's say you are staying with your elderly and you take them to the park or the local museum in Dubai. Immediately, they will be as happy as a baby. An electric wheelchair gives them the ability to have the comfort and safety that they need on such expeditions, resulting in long-lasting memories for them. Your elders will love it if you buy an electric wheelchair for them.

Plus, this has a positive effect on their lives.

Bottom Line

Their silver years can bloom with a little love, support, and the right equipment at hand.

By incorporating these tips and embracing multipurpose products like Tada Chairs and Electric Wheelchairs, we can create a nurturing environment for them that fosters comfort, independence, and a zest for life. 

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