Rawafed AlMadenah Medical Equipment & Consumables Trading LLC (Rawafed Pharma) is a Dubai, UAE-based company established with the primary goal of advancing the quality of healthcare services in the Middle East. 

Innovation is at the core of our business strategy, and it serves as the foundation for all our endeavours. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the region and well-established networks within the healthcare sector, our company is uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional healthcare services. We specialize in sourcing and supplying world-class medical products directly to healthcare providers and customers. 

Our commitment to our customers is paramount, and we prioritize their needs above all else. We have implemented a swift and reliable delivery system designed to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our end users. At Rawafed Pharma, we are dedicated to enhancing healthcare provision in the Middle East through our unwavering commitment to excellence. 


Rawafed Pharma, was founded by Dr. Omar AlEmarah, a seasoned healthcare supply chain expert with over 27 years of experience in Iraq and the UAE. His extensive background spans both government and private sectors, providing him with a unique insight into the healthcare industry. 

Dr. Omar's journey began when he recognized numerous unmet needs and preferences among patients and healthcare providers that could significantly enhance healthcare services. While many professionals identified these challenges, only a select few possessed the expertise to address them effectively. 

Fueled by passion and a commitment to improving healthcare, Rawafed Pharma emerged as a promise to bridge these gaps and fulfill the unmet needs of our patients and healthcare providers. Dr. Omar's vision and dedication continue to drive our company's mission to provide accessible and valuable solutions within the healthcare sector. 


  • Uncompromising Quality: Our Brands adhere to strict CE, FDA guidelines and GMP standards, ensuring unwavering safety and trustworthiness. 

  • Innovative Formulations: We pioneer product development with cutting-edge science, crafting effective, whole-body health solutions from premium raw materials and clinically proven ingredients.  
  • Triple Assurance: From sourcing to testing, we maintain a 3-stage quality control process to guarantee safety, purity, and adherence to the highest standards. 

  • Transparent Integrity: Our products undergo UK, EC, US-based independent lab testing, with results accessible in Verified Reports, ensuring authenticity, purity, and potency. 

  • Risk-Free Experience: We're so confident in our formulas that we offer a 90-day Money Back Guarantee – your satisfaction is our commitment.