Top 7 Benefits of Vitamin C

Top 7 Benefits of Vitamin C

In your life, what’s that one piece of health advice you’ve heard a million times? Does it have a lot of vitamins and proteins for good health? When thinking of different kinds of vitamins, vitamin C always comes to mind in the first go. We bet. Let’s find out the top 7 benefits of vitamin C in this blog.

Why is Vitamin C Important?

Your body’s most important antioxidant in need is vitamin C. They are water-soluble; hence, they cannot be stored in our bodies but make a huge impact on our well-being. Moreover, you can never get too much of these vitamins into your body. That is, it needs effort from your side to keep your Vitamin C levels intact. While it is commonly recommended to let your vitamin C come from foods that you eat daily, there are many chances that some people will depend on supplements to meet their goals for their bodies. But before you go for any option to boost your Vitamin C level, here are the top benefits of vitamin C.

  1. Put a Pause on Skin Aging
    The antioxidant properties of vitamin C can affect the ageing process. Vitamin C can naturally boost collagen, which is the most abundant protein in our body. Studies propose that vitamin C is capable of reducing wrinkles and dry skin, thus allowing you to enjoy better-looking ageing skin.

  2. Boost Your Immunity
    Vitamin C is important for your immune system because it helps to improve it. The white blood cells that fight against infections are known to be formed by vitamin C. To remain healthy and free from illnesses that attack your body, one orange in a day or vitamin-rich lime juice works the best.

  3. Your High Blood Pressure Will Be Under Control
    The main cause of several heart diseases today is high blood pressure among most people. Researchers from 

    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

     say that a high level of vitamin C on an average of 500 mg per day may affect small reductions in blood pressure as Vitamin C can relax your blood vessels quickly, assisting in maintaining normal blood pressure levels and hence leading to a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Lower the Risk of Heart diseases
    Heart diseases are the most common cause of death around the world. Due to high blood pressure or bad cholesterol levels, you have more chances to prevent it. Vitamin C is one of those initial precautions you can take to reduce these risk factors as much as possible.

  5. Fights Iron Deficiency
    From generating more red blood cells (RBCs) to transporting oxygen into your body, Vitamin C helps improve the absorption of iron. It converts iron sources that are not easily absorbed into a form that your body can readily absorb. For example, iron obtained from plant-based products is easily absorbable.

  6. Strengthens Your Mind
    Low levels of vitamin C are somehow related to the increase in memory-related conditions like dementia. Moreover, high vitamin C intake from food has been shown to have a good effect on your cognitive side.

  7. Promotes Bone Health
    One glass of orange juice is equivalent to the adequate level of vitamin C your body needs in a day. But do you know the fact that it plays an important role in protecting bone health? The bone matrix must produce collagen as it removes free radicals that are harmful to bone health. By adding vitamin C to your diet, you may make your bones feel stronger than before.

How Do You Add More Vitamin C to Your Diet?


You can always go for citrus fruits such as oranges, kiwis, lemons, guavas, and grapefruits for a complete, natural way to nourish yourself. On the flip side, vegetables that are rich in vitamin C are broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and capsicums. Other natural sources of vitamin C include dark leafy greens, cantaloupe, papaya, strawberries, mango, watermelon, cabbage, red peppers, raspberries, blueberries, winter squash, and pineapples.

One More Tip

Did you know the longer you cook food that contains Vitamin C, the more you lose its benefits? If you are among those people who are not consistently taking enough vitamin C due to a busy schedule, you can always opt for supplements as an alternative that will help you in the same way.

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