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How to Use Ta-da Chairs on Hiking?

Are you up for a plan to unwind yourself? Well, hiking can be your perfect holiday buddy, but your legs or knees may not cooperate. Proper equipment for outdoor activities like hiking can make all the difference, so you don’t have to breathe heavily and can take breaks whenever you need them. The Ta-Da Chair Series 2 makes a significant move forward, perfectly blending the comfort of a portable seat with the utility of a trekking stick. In this blog, we'll look at how ta-da chairs enhance your hiking experience by keeping comfort and convenience on the same page. 

Ta da Chair

What are its Key Features for Hiking Enthusiasts?

These folding cane seat  are simply flexible; whether deployed as a chair, the self-locking device locks firmly or works as an adjustable walking stick. To be precise, how does it work? This concept instantly changes a cane into a chair, relieving tired legs and knees. The seat's design allows it to adjust to the angle of the user's body, maximising sitting comfort. When converted into a stick, the portable chair's bulk weight is concentrated at the stick's handle, minimising the user's effort to swing and carry the stick. The benefits of using ta-da chairs  aren’t limited to the above statements; for an in-depth understanding, here are the simplified characteristics of the ta-da chair series 2.

  • Easy to Carry, Easy to Travel: The Ta-Da Chair Series 2 stresses the factor of compatibility for every age. With a weight of just 990 grams, this compact chair quickly transforms into a hiking stick or a cosy seat to rest on the spot, providing stability and comfort whenever needed. A nifty handle hook is attached to the opening for easy transport and storage. 
  • Instant Set-Up: This feature is essential in hiking when time is critical. Its three-panel seat adjusts to your body, and the comfy backrest lets you soak in the breathtaking panorama with tired legs happily tucked away. 
  • Robust Structure: Made from an aluminium alloy, the chair ensures durability without sacrificing weight. Fastened by a reinforced stainless steel rim and safety clip, the seat is strong, safe, and allows up to 136 kg.
  • Versatility in Terrain: These anti-slip and anti-sink rubber feet with a spiral selection give better fixation. Therefore, you can locate the chair on any terrain, from a rocky road to a smooth surface. Hikers need adaptability to cross diverse terrains, and that’s exactly what this ta-da chair prioritises. 
  • Ergonomic in Nature: This ta-da chair series 2 possesses a seating height above the floor, eliminating extra bending to support your posture and ensuring a smooth transition from sitting to standing with a click and two fingers. 
  • No-Sag Solid Seat: Unlike the usual foldable camping chairs, the ta-da chair boasts a solid-textured seat with firm support. Say goodbye to sitting and having problems getting up; the ta-da chair is here to spare you the trouble. 
  • Lightweight Durability: Under 1kg, Ta-Da Chair Series 2 simply stands for lightweight durability. It ensures strength while remaining lightweight to carry along your hiking.
  • Dual-Purpose Design: The chair doubles as a walking stick, providing extra comfort. It occupies little room in your backpack, providing stable support and a seat without sacrificing storage.

Why Choose Tada Chairs Series 2 Instead of Tada Chairs Series 1?

Although both versions are equally versatile in their own way, did you realise how different the ta-da chair series-1 from series-2 is? 

Extra Flexible: A common issue in a market flooded with foldable chairs is the tedious task of finding camping gear. An ideal chair should be as easy to open and fold as an umbrella. Here's where the significant role of the Ta-Da Chair Series 2 comes in. Not only does it solve the space problems of outdoor lovers, but this classic chair is two-in-one when folded. 

Free-Designed: Secondly, it is ideal for all age groups. Their design is simple, stable, and long-lasting, unlike the ta-da chair series-1, which doesn’t add to sustainability. The outcome is a folding chair that complies with and surpasses our tight requirements. In outdoor activities, efficiency, lightweight design, and versatility must be considered. Ta-da Chair series 2 is the go-to companion for those who value portability and functionality.

Ta-da Chair Series 2 is not just ‘another’ saviour; it's a friend every hiker wants to have when enjoying the trail. Its compact design, quick setup, and flexibility make it an unavoidable device for those who wish for comfort and convenience on their adventures. Level up your hiking trips with the Ta-Da Chair, where adventure meets comfort at every step.

Buckle up, hit the trail, and let the Ta-da Chair Series 2 lead your next camping trip. To add this to your cart, click here.

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